Meet the

While the Drones and the Workers are out grinding for the Queen, these bees are making their own buzz. Get it?
That was a pun on bees. You don’t see Workers making jokes.

Close-up of a Tattooed Man Holding a Board on a Mugshot

Hadden McFadden

Lead Vocals, Guitar

Chewbacca of Star Wars

Stank Chastain

Bass, Vocals

Demi Tasse

Keyboards, Vocals

Red and Black Robot Statue

Clutch Gunderson


A Little History of the Band

Loaferbees met on one of those old school playgrounds – not the safe, boring ones they have today, but the splintery wood and metal deathtraps that moved natural selection forward. They’d get together after school and listen to records while sniffing magic markers and watching cartoons. Someone suggested they start a band, and here we are.

Our Label

The soulless corporate entity that takes most of our money

Our Sponsors

Heh. That’s funny. Know any sponsors? Like maybe a guitar brand or energy drink?